Health Advisors

Dr Bryony Jones

Bryony graduated from Imperial College, London having trained in teaching hospitals in London and in Sydney, Australia. In 2010, she was awarded an MD from the University of London for her research into novel treatments to prevent preterm delivery. Bryony has a dual accreditation in both Obstetrics and Gynaecology. She is also a RCOG (Royal College of Obstetrician and Gynaecologist) certified sub-specialist in Fetal and Maternal Medicine having trained at Queen Charlotte’s & Chelsea Hospital where she has her consultant NHS practice.

Dr Jasmine Tay

Dr Jasmine Tay is a consultant obstetrician at the prestigious Queen Charlotte's & Chelsea Hospital in London.
Her specialist skills are in high risk obstetrics, maternal-fetal medicine and ultrasound scanning.
She has a PhD from Imperial College London and is RCOG accredited as a subspecialist in maternal fetal medicine.

Dr Karen Joash

Dr Joash is one of our founders and she is passionate about lifestyle transformation to protect and enhance health.

She holds a Masters in medical Biochemistry and graduated from Imperial college Medical School, London with several prizes in subjects including physiology. She is a highly regarded consultant obstetrician and gynaecologist in Harley Street and Central London, who is renowned for providing world-class services to women suffering from a number of conditions. She is also a member of the British lifestyle medicine society.

She has been involved a number of national projects including the baby box project and holds three awards including most trusted obstetrics and gynaecology consultant, London in 2021.

Katina Thomas

Katina is one of our founders and Is a Senior CBT psychotherapist. She is very passionate about her work and always aims to deliver a high standard of treatment using only clinically tested evidence-based treatments to ensure a successful outcome. She believes in a holistic approach to treatment and understands the important of nutritional support in maintaining health. She runs a clinic in Harley Street and is one of the leads for perinatal mental health in her NHS Trust.

  • Dr Unice Nartey

    Unice is one of our founders and she works as a consultant paediatrician in Surrey. She also holds a degree in Biochemistry and is passionate at looking how allergies and health are interlinked.

    She is known for her empathetic and holistic approach in her care for her patients.

  • Dr Hannah Allen

    Hannah is one of the founders of the great tinto APP. This APP provides information to prevent conflicting advice that new exhausted mums often receive. Tinto launched during the pandemic as a way for isolated mums to ask each other questions. She works as a general Practitioner and delivers holistic wellbeing care to her patients.