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Unlocking Nutrient Synergy

Understanding Nutrients Beyond Their Surface Roles

When it comes to nutrients, we often think of their basic functions. For example, we associate Vitamin A with night vision or credit omega-3 fatty acids for 'brain power'. Yet, there's a deeper truth behind these roles—nutrients don't act alone; they team up, creating better health outcomes together.

Discovering the Power of DHA and Choline Collaboration

Let's talk about Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), an omega-3 fatty acid mainly found in fish, renowned for its pivotal role in brain development and foetal health. Recent studies have revealed an intriguing fact—DHA's effectiveness significantly increases when combined with Choline, a compound similar to B vitamins. Choline boosts the availability of DHA, maximising its impact. Not only does choline boost DHA availability, but DHA supplementation significantly increased cellular choline uptake.

However, this dynamic duo's collaborative potential has gone unnoticed until now.

Consider this: many people buy fish oil supplements for optimal brain health. But here's the crucial question—are you getting enough Choline in your diet to fully benefit from the DHA in these supplements? Overlooking this aspect highlights the importance of considering both DHA and Choline, and the broader idea of nutrient collaborations for your best health.

Finding Accessible Sources of Choline and Its Importance in Life Stages

Choline is an essential nutrient, not produced in sufficient amounts by the body. Hence, we rely on dietary sources or supplements to fulfill our needs. It's abundant in animal products like beef, eggs, and poultry but less so in vegetables and seeds.

As dietary trends shift away from eggs, milk, and meat, our intake of Choline may decrease further. Choline becomes even more critical during crucial life stages, especially in pregnancy and breastfeeding, where the synergy between DHA and Choline is paramount.

Opting for high-quality Choline supplements, like those available through PurerMama, can help meet these requirements, preventing potential deficiencies and allowing for optimum collaboration of Choline and DHA.


  • - Nutrients team up for better health beyond their individual roles.
  • - DHA from fish is crucial for brain and foetal health.
  • - DHA's effectiveness increases with Choline.
  • - Choline becomes even more vital during pregnancy and breastfeeding.
  • - Choosing supplements from trusted providers like PurerMama is key.


Author-  Katherine Taylor -  https://www.onecliniclondon.com/ 

Katherine is a Cognitive Behavioural Therapist and Nutritionist.
Katherine's private practice offers support for a range of mental health challenges such as disordered eating, anxiety, depression and food phobias. Katherine practices holistically, combining her knowledge of clinical nutrition and evidence-based psychotherapy.

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