protect oil contains lavender, avocado and tea tree

Lavender oil - Our Protect Range - The Science

Did you know lavender is an adaptogen – this means it helps us to adapt to environmental stress by fighting against tension and stress in our bodies.

It can relieve anxiety and insomnia and is perfect for everyday use meaning it’s the most used essential oil in the world


Properties of lavender oil - 

  • Antioxidant – fighting against cell damage
  • Antimicrobial – fights against infection by killing microbes. Great for the skin microbiome
  • Sedative – helps us to sleep
  • Calming – reduces anxiety
  • Antidepressive – mood
  • Anti-inflammatory – helps soothe and prevent skin conditions
  • Anti-scar – great at scar reduction by promoting collagen formation in the skin


A study published in 2012 of high-risk postpartum women showed a reduction in postnatal depression and anxiety after 4 weeks of aromatherapy. Lavender has also been shown to help PTSD symptoms by decreasing sleep disturbances. It is great to use in the bath or to spray some on your pillow just before bedtime

We think it has so many benefits that we have included it our skincare range of protect butter and protect oil. The oil also contains tea tree and lavender oil. The butter also contains shea butter and vitamin E.

It is well known for scar reduction properties and can be used in caesarean scar massage to soothe and relieve the area.

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Fo further reading on the science- check the links to the articles below - Lavender and the Nervous System - Effects of lavender on anxiety: A systematic review and meta-analysis 

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