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Night time feeds, creating positive memories

Night time feeds can be a challenging and exhausting experience for new parents, but there are ways to make the experience more enjoyable and manageable. Here are some tips for enjoying night time feeds with your baby:

  1. Create a comfortable and cozy environment: for you and baby. Dim the lights and make the room as comfortable as possible.  Use a soft light or night light to avoid disturbing your baby's sleep patterns.

  2. Use the time to bond: Night time feeds can be a great opportunity to bond with your baby. Hold your baby close and make eye contact while feeding, smell your baby and focus on how soft they feel. 

  3. Be present in the moment: Avoid distractions such as phones or television during night time feeds. Focus on the connection with your baby and the experience of nourishing them.

  4. Use soothing techniques: If your baby is fussy or restless during feeds, try soothing techniques such as rocking, swaying, or singing softly.

  5. Be kind to yourself, remind yourself about what your accomplishing and this time is fleeting,  let go of worries and concerns about lack of sleep to prevent stress hormones taking over,  play soft comforting music or use guided meditation. 

  6. Get support: Night time feeds can be exhausting, so don't hesitate to ask for help from a partner, family member, or friend. Having someone to talk to or share the experience with can make it more enjoyable.

Remember, night time feeds are a natural part of the parenting experience, and it's important to take care of yourself and your baby during this time. With a little patience and some strategies for making the experience more enjoyable, night time feeds can be a special and bonding time for you and your baby.

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