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Welcome to the world of Purermama!!!

Strengthen, Nourish & Protect

We strongly believe that the journey to wellness starts from the inside out. A focus on wellness is a decision that reaps lifetime of strength – In the Body Mind and Soul. These are the pillars of wellness which you can rest on in times of stress to get you through to the other side.

Life is just life – It’s full of ups and full of downs. Being sad sometimes is part of life and teaches us so much. Some of us get past the downs but carry on with scars that still hinder us. Some of us get past the downs and jump higher to a new platform or perspective.

Being purer is about learning how to get to that new platform that you create regardless of the world around you.

It is the people who learn to do that that thrive and are happy despite the world around them.

Taking the first step by joining this club will open your world to knowledge to support you in this

  • We are passionate about nutrition
  • We are passionate about the mind
  • We are passionate about the body
  • We are passionate about the heart

Thrive Brain

The first foundation we want to teach you is how to switch on your thrive brain. Humans are naturally wired to look out for threats and our powerful brains scan the environment for these to protect us 5 times every second. If we see a threat, even in our subconscious we can raise our alert to flight or fright which within our body can feel like anxiety or stress. To allow our brain to reassess and switch on our thrive brain we can try a technique such as progressive muscle relaxation.

This is a powerful technique which allows the calm brain to switch on which is important in problem solving. It can be used anywhere – in the middle of the night if you wake, at work after a stressful conversation or in early labour to keep you relaxed.

We will be posting more tips about the thrive brain so follow us on Instagram

For our first 15 clients to email hello@purermama.co.uk we will giving free 15 mins wellness consultations as a welcome gift.

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