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Second trimester energy and exercise

The second trimester boost 

Many women find they recover from the tiredness and vomiting or nausea. To boost and maintain energy levels the second trimester is the time to focus on exercise. Women are recommended to exercise around 150 mins per week. This includes
1) Walking
2) Pilates
3) Yoga
4) Strength training
5) Cardio such as running/HITT/swimming
Exercise boosts your metabolism and thus raises your energy levels. In addition, it builds muscle which helps you to feel stronger. It also boosts your serotonin levels and your overall feeling of happiness. In addition, it helps you to sleep better which is vital for restoring your energy levels.
So, exercise is a must if you want to maintain or increase your energy levels. If you aren’t doing any start off slowly with walking 20 mins and add in Pilates or simple stretching using popular APPs such as Baby2body. 
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